A DLT-based Trade Finance Hub

Developed by CryptoBLK, ATLAS is a production ready supply chain finance DLT-based platform. It eliminates digital silos and brings together buyers, suppliers and financiers on one trusted platform. Capitalizing on Blockchain technology, ATLAS aims at providing the source of truth to documents for digitized supply chain finance.

Global trade is reporting over USD17.2 trillion of cross-border trades in 2017, and a projected growth of 4% annually, according to the World Trade Organization. In the current market however, trade finance is costly and slow due to disconnected systems and digital islands, fragmented processing, and intensive manual and redundant processes. The paper-based workflows are also creating opportunities for fraud, adding difficulties in accessing compliance and increasing audit risks. These obstacles lead to a trade financing gap and missed opportunities for GDP growth.

ATLAS, a DLT-based trade finance hub, was designed to solve the aforementioned problems and greatly reduce financing risks and costs associated with trade finance.

ATLAS is a fully digitized platform and requires minimal manual interaction, thanks to smart contract guided mechanisms. The use of Blockchain provides an audit trail for traceability, provides transparency to workflows, mitigates credit risks in financing transactions, and facilitates lower fees and barriers to trade. Both R3 Corda and Hyperledger Fabric versions of ATLAS are available depending on your corporate needs.

ATLAS Core Features

Customizable Trade Finance Smart Agreements

With a highly customizable Smart Agreement module, ATLAS streamlines financing processes, and makes negotiation, drawdown, conversion, revolving credits, and end-to-end workflows straightforward.

The Smart Agreements also enable partial financing and bulk financing for multiple POs and invoices. AP, AR, pre-shipment, post-shipment, invoice and PO financing are all supported with an opt-in Marketplace platform as well.

Trade workflows are digitized with redundant processes eliminated from purchase orders, amendment workflows, and document transfers, to financing applications and payment instructions.

Streamlined workflows help reduce business operation costs, and speed up end-to-end finance processes. The platform also supports real-time per trade notifications on status updates and tracking.

Digitized and Streamlined Workflows


Marketplace on ATLAS allows companies to search for new financing and factoring opportunities, whilst providing new channels of business to financing firms.

Comprehensive customer profile management facilitates financing application and review, and supports partial financing, as well as electronic title and document transfer.

ATLAS APIs enable seamless and secure integration with carriers and issuers of eBLs, financier and exporter/importer SAP/ERP, and other trade facilities including insurers, ports, customs, and digital certifications.


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