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CryptoBLK is a technology company focusing on developing, deploying, and operating Blockchain systems. We aim at unlocking new possibilities, improving efficiency and productivity, and simplifying workflows and processes by utilizing DLT.
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Interviews | Insights

Watch these interviews and see how we are revolutionizing the FinTech industry. If you are interested in learning more about the blockchain industry, and want to know what insights from our leaders, as well as solutions that CryptoBLK provides, subscribe our Youtube Channel.

We are a technology company focusing on developing, deploying, and operating Blockchain systems. Our mission is to make global impacts in the financial services industry through delivering innovative software solutions and services based on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT, a.k.a. Blockchain). We aim at unlocking new possibilities, improving efficiency and productivity, and simplifying workflows and processes by utilizing DLT, that is secure, transparent and trustworthy.

Our Expertise

The CryptoBLK team has successfully built, delivered, and deployed multiple DLT solutions and systems for various financial services domains, which span from prototypes for facilitating proof-of-concept trials and pilot runs, to full-fledged production-ready DLT systems. We have an extensive track record in building DLT systems for a variety of industries, which include but not limited to supply chain, provenance, IoT, insurance, and also particularly focus on Trade Finance DLT platforms for delivering secure, streamlined and comprehensive cloud-based trade finance solutions, and Mortgage DLT for enabling digital transformation and simplified processes.

Our Services

The CryptoBLK team focuses on building and deploying DLT solutions and software systems. For different applications such as trade finance, mortgage, supply chain, IoT and so on, the CryptoBLK team is capable of developing and deploying production-ready enterprise-grade DLT solutions.


The DLTapp-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform developed and operated by CryptoBLK supports multiple DLT applications. We support customized application development and launch collaboratively on the DaaS platform for achieving higher security, better transparency and a lot more trustworthiness.


DaaS Platform - Enterprise-grade DLT platform supporting multiple applications as services. We partner with industry-leading collaborators to develop and launch multiple innovative DLT applications which aim at significantly reducing operation cost, enhancing productivity and enabling new capabilities.

Security Assessment and DLT Platform Optimization

Whether it is the security assessment or streamlining of an existing DLT system, the CryptoBLK team can provide consultancy services for evaluating the security or enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the DLT system.

Highly Purpose-Built DLT Applications or Systems

The CryptoBLK team build and deploy, and also provide consultancy services for highly purpose-built DLT applications and systems.



Work on Advanced Blockchain / DLT Technologies


At CryptoBLK, we transform unique features of DLT/Blockchain into real business opportunities. Our diverse team of passionate change makers from around the world share a single vision: To become a global DLT enabler. If you are passionate, proactive, determined, experienced, and want to change the financial world with advanced technologies, especially using DLT, come and join us!


We have a highly engaged corporate culture and offer a competitive compensation package, comprehensive benefits package, clear career paths and opportunities for advancement. We are looking for talented individuals to re-architect the way the world economy operates, who are based in, or are willing to relocate to Hong Kong, Singapore, or Bangkok.

Frond-end Engineer

We are looking for a passionate and ambitious individual to join us as a Front-end Engineer. You will work with a team of DLT developers to revolutionize the financial services industry.

Senior Engineer / Engineer

This is an engineering role specializing in DLT applications development. You will work with a team of passionate developers to revolutionize the financial services industry.

DevOps Engineer

We welcome talents that are experienced and good at development and operation management. If you're one of those, we would love to talk to you.

First Line Support Specialist

We are looking for 1st Line Support Specialist to join our growing team to support our customers who use our blockchain systems and related solutions.

Technical PM

We are seeking a technical project manager who can leverage their experience with project management methodologies, concepts and tools to implement DLT solutions.

Business Development Manager

As a business development representative, you will have great opportunities to learn and build up your career in business development in this vibrant FinTech industry.


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