CryptoBLK April Highlights: Meeting with the Financial Services and Treasury Bureau, interview by Commercial Radio interview about Greater Bay Area opportunities, Voltron Workshop...
CryptoBLK April Highlights: Meeting with Hong Kong FSTB, interview by Commercial Radio interview about Greater Bay Area opportunities, Voltron Workshop.
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CryptoBLK April Highlights

CryptoBLK April Highlights

Summer is in the air throughout much of the Southern Hemisphere. Meanwhile, activities in CryptoBLK continue heating up! This month, we were interviewed by Hong Kong’s leading radio broadcaster, exchanging view on the tremendous possibilities brought by Blockchain under the Greater Bay Area (GBA) initiative. CryptoBLKers attended a meeting with the Hong Kong Financial Services and Treasury Bureau (FSTB), sharing CryptoBLK’s vision, demonstrating our latest DLT R&D results, and providing feedback on how government and regulators can further facilitate the city in order to become a leading FinTech hub. The management team also attended several industrial conferences to participate in emerging trends in the industry.

1 Apr – Commercial Radio Interview

Our CEO Dr. Duncan Wong shared his insights with Commercial Radio on how to harness Blockchain technology to reduce workflow friction in different industries, particularly in trade finance. In discussions on the Greater Bay Area (GBA), Dr. Duncan spoke of the possibilities of integrating blockchain technology into the development of the GBA.  Dr. Duncan believed that Blockchain technology can enhance transparency, reduce transaction cost and increase efficiency, further advancing the ecosystem of the GBA. Listen to the full report here.

Commercial Radio Interview

Our CEO Dr. Duncan Wong @Commercial Radio Interview


8 Apr – Chinese Academy of Science Cryptography Forum

In a cryptography-focused forum held by the Chinese Academy of Science, Dr. Duncan Wong’s talk “From Post-Quantum Cryptography to Post-Quantum Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies, explored the recent development of post-quantum cryptography. He presented an overview on the recent development of post-quantum cryptography specifically for Blockchain applications, and addresses some particular topics of cryptocurrencies, especially on the privacy of cryptocurrencies. Dr. Duncan also provided a brief introduction of CryptoBLK’s latest development on consortium Blockchain applications and the potential for applying post-quantum cryptography.


10 Apr – Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau Meeting

As a global DLT-enabler, CryptoBLK was thrilled to take part in the sharing held by Hong Kong’s Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau (FSTB) which was collecting feedback from technology providers to push FinTech development to the next level and galvanize the ecosystem.  In the meeting, our CTO Andrew Hon presented CryptoBLK’s latest DLT projects including our InsurTech solution MIDAS, the trade finance consortium solutions Voltron and ATLAS, and our upcoming DLT monitoring and alerting tool, Cerberus. Andrew also expressed his views on how enterprises, government and regulators could work together to foster a diverse Blockchain community, and facilitate Hong Kong to become a leading Fintech hub.

Financial Services and Treasury Bureau (FSTB) Meeting

CryptoBLKers @Financial Services and Treasury Bureau (FSTB) Meeting


13 Apr – China CACR Youth Forum 2019

Our CEO Dr. Duncanyou k Wong was invited to speak at the China Association for Cryptologic Research Youth Forum 2019 (《中国密码学会 2019 年青年论坛》) at South China Agricultural University. His topic on Privacy and Accountability of Post-Quantum Blockchain Systems was well received and the cryptographic community was delighted to join and exchange insights with our CEO about post-quantum blockchain systems and our development in the Abelian project.

China CACR Youth Forum 2019

Dr. Duncan Wong @China CACR Youth Forum 2019


20 Apr – “Beyond Innovation” Episode by Globalive Media

Dr. Duncan shared his insight with Anthony Lacavera, founder of Globalive Media, on how CryptoBLK utilizes Distributed Ledger Technology to enhance the transparency and bridge the finance gap for corporates. ATLAS, designed and developed by CryptoBLK R&D team, is a DLT-based trade finance hub where trade finance Smart Agreement can be tailor-made to fill the gap and catch the new business opportunity. Watch our Episode here.

Dr. Duncan @Beyond Innovation by Globalive Media

Dr. Duncan @Beyond Innovation by Globalive Media


23 – 25 Apr – Voltron Workshop in London

CryptoBLKers were thrilled to get involved in the Voltron Workshop held in London this month, discussing the next phrase development and looking forward to expanding the ecosystem with the group members. Since February, over 30 banks and corporates from across the globe have participated in the Voltron Trial. Discover Voltron.

CryptoBLKers @Voltron Workshop

CryptoBLKers @Voltron Workshop


30 Apr – NxTEC 2.0 Summer Internship Programme

One essential element for FinTech is Talent. We were extremely excited to have participated in the Info Day of NxTEC 2.0 Summer Internship Programme held by HKSTP, where over 200 students from 5 colleges attended the program. Our CTO Andrew Hon shared the current Blockchain landscape and CryptoBLK’s vision to become a global DLT enabler. He welcomed the fresh graduates to contribute to the Blockchain industry and became a part of the flourishing FinTech community.

NxTEC 2.0 Summer Internship Program @HKSTP

Our CTO Andrew @ NxTEC 2.0 Summer Internship Program


Upcoming events in Q2 2019

CryptoBLK is excited to meet the DLT and Fintech community and exchange the team’s application development and how DLT can transform the financial industry in the coming events:

21 – 22 May: BCR, Consortia, London, United Kingdom

22 May: 2019 Sina Fia Forum, Hong Kong, China

30 May: Taiping Reinsurance Seminar, Zhuhai, China

3 June:  ING Café, Money 20/20 Europe, Amsterdam RAI

11 – 13 June: CBI Future of Fintech, New York, USA

26 – 27 June: 7th Asia Motor Insurance and Claims Management Conference, Bangkok, Thailand