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CryptoBLK is a technology company focusing on developing, deploying, and operating Blockchain systems. Our mission is to make global impacts in the financial services industry through delivering innovative software solutions and services based on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT, a.k.a. Blockchain). We aim at unlocking new possibilities, improving efficiency and productivity, and simplifying workflows and processes by utilizing DLT, that is secure, transparent and trustworthy.
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CryptoBLK contributes to the latest Corda Release

CryptoBLK contributes to the latest Corda Release

With the most recent R3 Corda release, Corda version 3.0, we are happy to confirm R3’s acceptance and acknowledgement of the contribution to the code base by CryptoBLK’s engineer.

Since our establishment, CryptoBLK has been devoted to the continuous development and operation of Blockchain systems, including R3 Corda DLT. The CryptoBLK team has successfully developed several production grade DLT-based systems under the commission of renowned financial institutions.

The previous embedded H2 database support in Corda 2.0 is a flat file database and may have potentially hindered the production capabilities and performance of systems. Tomas Tauber, Senior Engineer at CryptoBLK, developed a module that supports running Corda on top of industry-standard PostgreSQL, which has now been incorporated in the global release of Corda 3.0. Tomas’ contribution has enabled a more sophisticated and robust handling of data on Corda, widening the database choices for all Corda developers.

We are proud to add this useful functionality to the community and are looking forward to the continuous advancement of the technology.

More info can be found on the Corda 3.0 release note and Github.