CryptoBLK Limited - Asiacrypt 2017
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Asiacrypt 2017

Asiacrypt 2017

At CryptoBLK Limited, we were privileged and thrilled to team up with the University of Hong Kong and the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR), and successfully organized the Asiacrypt 2017 on 3-7 December 2017. This also symbolizes the first landing of this prestigious cryptography flagship conference in Hong Kong.

The five-day international conference was composed of three invited talks by renowned cryptographers, 66 cryptographic research paper presentations and the traditional rump session. Dr Duncan Wong, our CryptoBLK CEO, also serving as the General Co-chair of Asiacrypt 2017, hosted the rump session, and discussed pioneer research topics with the participants.

“We have been planning for this renowned cryptography conference since 2014, and we are very excited to host the Asiacrypt conference in Hong Kong, especially this is the very first time for Hong Kong. It is also our honor to welcome almost 300 cryptography scholars and professionals to our beautiful Pearl of the Orient.’ shared by Duncan, “By hosting Asiacrypt 2017, we hope to enhance Hong Kong’s strength in the cryptographic research and attract more talents into this important area where mathematics meets computer science, especially in the era of post-quantum cryptography.”

Asiacrypt 2017 Group Photo

The 23rd Annual International Conference on the Theory and Application of Cryptography and Information Security, Asiacrypt 2017, is held on 3-7 December 2017 in Hong Kong.


Asiacrypt 2017 Dr Duncan Wong

Dr. Duncan Wong, CryptoBLK’s CEO and the General Co-Chair of Asiacrypt 2017, welcomes the group of 300 cryptography scholars and professionals to the Asiacrypt 2017.


Asiacrypt 2017 Research Papaer Presentation

66 research papers are presented in Asiacrypt 2017.


Asiacrypt 2017 Farewell Dinner

Dr Duncan Wong (left), Dr Lucas Hui (middle) and Dr SM Yiu (right) at the Asiacrypt 2017 Farewell dinner.